Town of Red River – Plan Commission

Agenda for:     Wednesday August 2nd, 2023  7:00 PM      

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Call to order, Roll call and declaration of a quorum
  2. Reading and Approval of Previous Minutes
  3. Secretary report from Town Board Meeting
  4. New business:
    1. Action Items:
      1. Renewal of short-term rental licenses
      1. Calton Ferron’s (Parcel 31 018 14.08) request for an address on A-1 parcel so that he can get an electric service installed to the property
  • Non-Action Items
    • Notice of Violation Sent to N8995 County Road DK
  • Zoning Administrator Report
  • Old Business
    • None
  • Next Meeting September 6th, 2023
    • Upcoming Agenda Items
  • Adjournment

Respectfully submitted by:                                                                                           

Jeremy Pingel


Red River Plan Commission