Town of Red River – Plan Commission

Agenda for:    Wednesday  January 4th, 2022  7:00 PM             

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Call to order, Roll call and declaration of a quorum
  2. Reading and Approval of Previous Minutes
  3. Secretary report from Town Board Meeting
  4. New business:
    1. Action Items



    Please take notice that a public hearing will be held at the RED RIVER TOWN HALL on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 7:00 PM for the following: Ayham and Nicole M. Alboushi are requesting a conditional use permit to construct a single-family home on Parcel 31 018 35.07 located South of the Farmstead located at N7532 Joniaux Road, which is zoned A-1 Prime Agriculture and is more fully described as follows:Parcel 31 018 35.07 being all of the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 35, Township 25 North, Range 23 East, Town of Red River, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.    Notice is hereby given that a majority of the Town Board may be present at this meeting to gather information about a subject in which they may have decision-making responsibilities.  All interested parties are invited to attend.

                                             John M. Maas — Zoning Administrator — Town of Red River

  • Non-Action Items
    • Public Input
    • Discussion Regarding parcel from Scott Buchta and vacating roadway easement
    • Discussion regarding house on parcel 31 018 2ASR 1 on Wellers Ln
    • Size Limit/Sq Footage requirement for Zoning Permit
    • Zoning Administrator Report
  • Old Business
    • Accessory Building with or without primary structures and/or living quarters
  • Next Meeting February 1st, 2022
    • Upcoming Agenda Items
  • Adjournment

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Jeremy Pingel


Red River Plan Commission