TOWN BOARD MEETING – Town of Red River Wednesday 7:00 PM – November 16, 2022                       E505 County Road S


  1. Call to order, Roll call, declaration of a quorum and Approval of Agenda.
  2. Reading and approval of previous minutes
  3. Reports
    1. Treasurer
    1. Plan Commission

C)  County Supervisor

  • Public Input – 10 min.
  • New business –
  1. Short Term Rentals:
  2. Please take notice that a public hearing will be held at the RED RIVER TOWN HALL on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 7:05 PM for the following:  Rachel Couillard, of Ruesch Management, on behalf of Jesse F. & Patricia S. Pleuss, has submitted an Application for a Conditional Use Permit for a Short-Term Rental Permit, to operate a short-term rental at N9009 De Baker Lane being Parcel ID 31 018 1ASR 125, more fully described as follows: Part of the Section 7, Township 25 North, Range 23

East, Town of Red River, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, more fully described as follows. Assessor’s Plat No. 1: Lot 1 of 11CSM59 Map #1962, Formerly Lots 10 & 11 – Block 5. Notice is hereby given that a majority of the Town Board may be present at this meeting to gather information about a subject in which they may have decision-making responsibilities. All interested parties are invited to attend. John M. Maas Zoning Administrator Town of Red River

  • Budget Review 2023/ Mill Rate
  • Zoning Law Change Review
  • Duty Clerk – paying of duty clerk
  • Old business –
    • Road updates –
    • Fire & Rescue –
    • Website/Domain Name –
  • Correspondence –
    • Bug Tussell – meet & Greet at the Town of Red River Town Hall on Thursday, November 17th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. They are looking at expanding our fiber optic network in the area and want feedback from the residents to see what the interest would be.
  • Payment of Invoices –
  • Adjournment

Respectfully submitted by:                                         Sandra A Monfils Clerk – Town of Red River